The Wreck Bag Workout to Build Explosive Speed and Endurance

Wreck Bag Exercise
Per Bernal

Looking to freshen up your routine? Try using the Wreck Bag—a "sandless" sandbag, filled with rubber pellets, that can be heaved, tossed, and carried for a full-body workout. It's a favorite among obstacle course race (OCR) athletes and elite trainers, like Alex Nicholas, C.P.T., owner of Epic Hybrid Training, a chain of facilities that specialize in OCR training. "With the right Wreck Bag workout, you can burn fat and improve anaerobic capacity, stability, agility, coordination, explosiveness, speed, and strength," he says.

Give the following workout, created by Nicholas, a try. Don't have access to a Wreck Bag? Use a sandbag (with handles) or two dumbbells.


Perform each exercise nonstop for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Do five rounds total, resting a minute between rounds.


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