The Busy Man's Minimal-Equipment Home Workout

The Busy Man's Minimal-Equipment Home Workout
Edgar Artiga

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you don't have enough time to hop in your car and trek to the gym. And other times you just feel like being a homebody. For these instances, you need a contingency plan. Luckily for you, we have the Emergency Workout. It utilizes just a pair of dumbbells and a pullup bar for a conditioning session that will tax all your major muscles, from head to toe.

The best part? You'll be done in less than 30 minutes.


The Workout Explained

For the sake of time and efficiency, you'll be ditching single-joint moves like curls and lateral raises. The pushing and pulling compound exercises will work your big muscles (as well as your smaller vanity muscles), and the supersets will rev up your metabolism and burn more calories.


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