Ryan Reynolds' Total-Body 'Deadpool' Workout

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
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Ryan Reynolds has always had a big sense of humor, but to take on the role of the infamous Marvel antihero Deadpool, he had to build an equally formidable physique. On his quest to get superhero fit, he worked with NYC-based trainer and former Muscle & Fitness cover star Don Saladino to pack on lean muscle and get stronger than ever.

Ahead of the Deadpool 2 premiere, Saladino posted a selfie Reynolds snapped on Instagram that shows off the results of his hard work in the gym.

Sure, some makeup highlights his six-pack in this photo, but it's clear that those abs aren't solely the product of special effects.

While Reynolds typically trains consistently, even movie stars sometimes have trouble fitting in enough time to work out regularly. Saladino shared with us a total-body workout that Reynolds did to prepare his physique for Deadpool when the actor was facing a time crunch.


"This is a good one-day, full-body program," Saladino says. "We would throw this in when travel got tough and life took over, but it really maintained a lot of what we were working on throughout the week."

The warmup will get your muscles ready to tackle an intense circuit workout that hits virtually every major muscle group. And don't be fooled—just because it's circuit doesn't mean it doesn't involve some big lifts. You'll knock out both front squats and bench presses at about 85% intensity, which ensures that you'll be feeling this workout tomorrow.


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