Valentina Lequeux's Fat-Shredding Lower-Body Routine

Valentina Lequeux
Per Bernal

You don't get to 600,000-plus followers on Instagram by half-assing what you share with the world. Just like you don't get the flawless body of Valentina Lequeux by going half-speed when you train. You get it by doing hard work. That's the philosophy of the 32-year-old fitness guru. "It's not easy," she says. "I'm in the gym five days a week. I want to show the world what it takes to make a change and have an impact on my Instagram."


At least once a week, Lequeux releases a video of her slaying her workouts either in the gym or on the beaches of South Florida. Born and raised in Argentina, Lequeux and her family moved to Boca Raton in hopes of a better future when she was just 11. A sports nut growing up, the Floridian became a fitness fiend on a quest to spread her tough-loving messages to followers who are looking for motivation in their lives.

With the recent launch of her new website,—where she sells her custom-made resistance bands and delivers her daily workouts—Lequeux took time away from her growing social media presence to share her taxing legs workout.


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