11 office-friendly waterproof boots you can also wear on a date

11 Office-Friendly Waterproof Boots You Can Also Wear on a Date

The first hint of spring gets everybody's blood flowing. As the ground (and your icy heart) begins to thaw, it's normal to jump the gun and dress for 80 degrees when you should be aiming for 55.

But jackets are one thing—boots are another. Spring precipitation requires proper footwear. Rain, sleet, and some snow can ruin a new pair of sneakers in seconds flat, and spending the day with wet toes is a big big bummer. And while your trusty duck boots were built for springtime walks in the park (or places where it rains ten months out of the year), few grown men can pull off a set of light hikers with a suit (nor are light hikers exactly first-date appropriate).


Luckily, when it comes to springtime boots, you have options—lots of them. Here are 10 pairs of no-slip, water-resistant boots so handsome you'll want to wear them seven days a week.

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